The Future

A Solution Designed Specifically For Mothers Who Are Raising Children In The Shadow Of Father Absence

The role of FATHER and the vital link that they play in our development is undeniable!

Yet What Happens When This Crucial Aspect of our Development is Missing?

A New Perspective

The Future is a community, a safe place, where mothers form around the globe can connect, share and learn. 

Leveraging world leading systems proven to unlock your child's full potential.

This is hands on training, guidance and support in a small private group environment. 

The focus is on empowering you so that your children can experience a life of vitality, connection, fulfillment and success.

Never before in the history of our planet have so many children been raised in the void of the absent father.

So why is it that some, who are raised in a fatherless environment, can go on to become Presidents (Barrack Obama) and Prime Ministers (Jenny Shipley) as well as leaders of Commerce, Industry, Entertainment and Sport while for the majority of children the absent father is more akin to struggle and unrealized potential? 

How Does it Work

We meet every other week on Wednesday for 2 hours, online and live. You can log in from your phone, tablet or computer. 

All meetings are open Q and A so you have direct access to ask questions and join in, or you can simply listen to the content if you prefer. 

The first hour of each meeting is recorded so you can access it whenever you like and as often as you need with the balance of each meeting held in a more private space. 

You will also have a separate, private Facebook group where I use video to work, either one on one or in smaller groups as needed.

You can move at your own pace and address the issues that are important to you.

Most Mothers Are Forced To Try And Figure This Out By Themselves 

Not that long ago our children were raised in villages, rich in social networks and role models. Extended families were large and the responsibility of raising children was shared among many, many friends and relatives.

In a similar fashion, culture and values were passed down from grandparents to parents and on to children.  

Now, more often than not mothers are left to deal with raising sons and daughters in the void of the absent father. You were never ment to do this by yourself.

It doesn't have to be like this!

Meet your advisor 

Jack Thurston 

Author, Presenter, Researcher 

Jack is an acclaimed global expert in the cycle and impact of father absence and is a director of the Thurston Institute. Over the past two decades he has helped tens of thousands around the world to free themselves from the anchor and limits of father absence.

With regular appearances and features on US and European radio and publications his insight through decades of research and collaborations with world leaders in neuroscience, psychology and interpersonal development are at the forefront of our understanding into this global epidemic.

How To Request An Invite 

THE FUTURE is an invitation-only group to ensure that new members are a good fit for the personality of the current group.

The magic of this program is that everyone is easy to like, flexible, positive, open-minded and truly wants the best for themselves and their child/children.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking to expand your child's future, then please fill out the form below.

 The fee for THE FUTURE is $199 per month.

Your information will be kept in strict confidence and once reviewed, if you appear to be a fit, you’ll be contacted directly with an invitation to join.

Please enter your details below, including a brief outline of your situation in the comment space.

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